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Hanky Panky 

Chinese New Year is all about getting together with family and friends to celebrate the joyous occasion. To me, it is all about eating Bak Kwa and gambling.

Speaking of gambling, these men took it to another level.

On the second day of CNY, i was instructed by the bread winner of the house to buy some onions and garlic for my CNY feast. Armed with my Cannon DSLR camera, i marched around my neighborhood before my grocery shopping. All the coffeshops and provision shops are closed. Boring. 

But a group of men caught my eyes. Out of curiosity, i approached the group to break the suspense. Upon my arrival, i was welcomed with menacing stares and glances. They looked threatened by my appearance, they must have caught a glimpse of my weapon. 

I realized that they are having some illegal gambling session. I saw a man took out a stack of $50 notes and some $10 notes before he threw a stack of ten dollars on the table. It was the winnings of another men.

These men aged between 40-60 years. I got the information from a nearby provisional shop auntie, Mdm Munirah that these men gather here almost every week to gamble. 

I was unable to snap a close up shot of their game as i felt my safety was at risk. I marched off for my grocery shopping. 

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The demands of life can be overwhelming, students especially, working against time for submissions. There are many ways to deal with stress and there is no right or wrong. Just find your own methods and take a breather. 

A list of creative methods for you:

1. Dance naked in front of your pets.

2. Watch weird random videos on youtube and laugh out loud.

3. Cook a new dish that no one has ever thought of, e.g fried apples with grilled chicken

4. Punch and bite your pillow like a mad dog.

5. Go to the bowling alley and throw the balls in between your legs backwards.

6. Go to McDonalds, buy an ice cream cone and grab it by the top instead and walk away nonchalantly.

7. Dip your head into the bathtub/swimming pool/pond until you can’t breathe

8. Take your towels and act like Bruce Lee. WOOAHHHDOrrHH~!!

YUP, 8 ways to handle stress with fun and creativity. 8888888 HUAT AHHH!!!

Watch this video on how I deal with stress (above). [Watch in HD]